Ductile iron castings 

 We have gained abundant experience in processes such as sand casting, investment casting, forging, welding stamping on material covering iron, stainless steel, carbon steel, steel alloy, aluminum ,alloy steel.3D Model Engineering Analysis, CNC Lathe Tooling and Machining. We have many years¨experience in the supply of steel parts and forgings for automotive industry, investment and  sand casting for  energy industry and water works pipeline  
 Material:EN-GJS-400-15/EN-GJS-500-7/EN-GJS-600-3/EN-GJS-700-2,ASTM A536 Grade 65 45  
 DIN GGG40 , GGG50 , GGG60  
 Industry involved: Municipal industry/Construction industry/ Fluid industry/Automotive industry  
 Process:Automatics machine lines,Resin Sand,Moulding Boards,Green Sand with hand moulding  
 Part unit weight range: 0.1kg-2000kgs  
 Max/Min wall thickness requirements: 4mm-250mm  
 Finish coating:  
  Pipeline components
Hydrant components
Various pump assemblies
Valve components
Power transmission components
Trailer axles