Pipeline products for water, gas and industrial applications
  We are one of the biggest Ductile Iron Fittings manufacturer and factory in China.We can manufacture and supply PVC Ductile Iron Pipe Fitting,Flexible Coupling,Flanged Adaptor Dismantling Joint,GIBAULT JOINT ISO 2531 EN 545 EN598,EN 12842,en14525,awwa c219,according to your requirements. More types of Ductile Iron Grooved Fittings wanted, please contact us right now!Ductile Iron Pipe Fittings , Flanged Adaptors , Couplings , Dismantling Joints ,Valves , Manhole Covers , Rubber O Rings , Steel Flanges ,Fasteners . Pumps , Motor Shells and other Castings and Forgings according to different standards such as ISO2531, EN545,EN14525, ISO4422, ISO7005,DIN3352, BS5163, DIN3202, BS2494, BS4504, EN124 ,awwa c219,and other relevant ISO, EN, BS , DIN, ANSI,AWWA standards.
  Ductile Iron Pipes and Pipe Fittings  Quick flange adaptor for pe pvc 
  Ductile Iron/PVC Pipe Fittings  Repair clamp 
  Flanged Adaptors  Saddle clamp 
  Flexible coupling  Push on Joint Ends valves SABS 664 AWWA C509 
  Dismantling Joints  Hydrant BOCA DE RIEGO
  Gibault Joint for PVC pipe Ductile iron loose flange 
  sleeve coupling  
  Comparison Table for Different Standards