Hose Couplings & Accessories  

We are one of the Air Hose Couplings ,Hose Clamps, Sandblast Coupling,Nozzle Holders,Claw Couplings ,manufacturer and factory in China. We can manufacture and supply Air compressor Hose Couplings & Accessories according to your requirements. More types of hose menders,hose couplings,hose stems,hose barbs wanted, please contact us right now!

  Hose Clamps (Two Parts with Overlapping, Hose Clamps with saddles-DIN20039A,DIN 20039, Hose Clamps with safety
claws-DIN20039B, US-Hose Clamps, US-Hose Clamps with Safety Claws, etc.)
Sandblast Coupling ( Hose Couplings, Female Thread, Nozzle Holders, etc.)
Claw Couplings ( Male Thread, Female Thread, Hose Ends, End Caps, etc.)Air King Clamps ( Air King with Ferrules, Air King 4-Lug Quick Acting Couplings, etc.)
Boss Clamps( Boss Clamps with 4 bolt 2 Gripping Fingers, Boss Clamps with 4 bolt 4 Gripping Fingers, etc.)Materials: Malleable Iron, Brass, Stainless steel, Cast Steel, etc.
Size:3/8" ~ 2", SL22-SL988, SK29-SK75,SL400-SL1700
  Air compression Couplings  European Type
  Air compression Couplings  U.S Type 
  Interlock Clamps
  Double Bolt Clamp(SL type and SK type)
  Sandblast coupling 
  Ground Joint Coupling
  Foot Valves
  Aluminum Guillemin Coupling
  safety clamp
  Camlock Couplings(Aluminum, Brass, Stainless Steel, Polypropylene, Nylon)
  Hose menders and hose nipples