Aluminium Alloy Die Casting (Al alloy Die Casting) & Zinc Alloy Die Casting (Zn Alloy Die Casting/Zamak Die Casting)

  • Material:
  • Aluminum alloy: JIS ADC12, DIN GDAl, GDAlSi12(Cu), ASTM A360, A380 A383, A384, A390, A413 (A13), etc
  • Zinc alloy: JIS ZDC, DIN ZnAL4CuL (Zamk 5), ASTM ZA-8, ZA-12, ZA-27, etc
  • Other materials also available according to customer's request.
  • Standard of material (Preferable to provide Element Percentage of Al, Si, Zn, Cu, etc and Physical/Mechanical Properties of the material) and
  • Production technology: Graphite crucible metallurgy, Die casting injection machines, mould (pattern) machining processing with CNC machining center, Sand casting and Metal mould casting for larger and other Aluminium & Zinc alloy castings which are not suitable for die casting technology.
  • Finish Machined/tooled products also available according to customer's request (Drawings and standard of products should be provided by customer.)
  • Powder coated, painted, anoded, Ni plated, Cr plated final products also available




  pipe clamp  


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